How can I get my jewellery photographed for insurance?

Over the last 12 months we have introduced a brand new service at Lichfield photography, for capturing jewellery with high resolution macro photography. This serves a variety of purposes. Reasons for photographing your jewellery might include the following reasons.
Photographs for Insurance
High resolution photographs of an item of jewellery will provide evidence for the existence of that piece. In the event of theft, photographs can be submitted to the insurer and to the police to help identify personal items of jewellery. Photographs support any claim to recovered items.
Photography for replacement
When an item of jewellery is lost, it can be very difficult to replicate. We recently undertook such a commission. Our biggest problem was having no visual record of the original jewellery items. Our client wanted to replicate lost items, but without a clear photograph, it can be very difficult to re-create a design. A good photograph gives the jewellery essential visual details to recreate a design.

A Tailored Service

Prices start at £60.00 per item with a high resolution A4 mounted image.
We travel to your home to take the image with a mobile studio
under your own supervision.

Fantastic Jewellery Photography